1025 Granville Street: Community Builders

CTA architecture + design (CTA) was contracted by Community Builders to assist with providing an innovative and affordable housing strategy to transition people without a home into a home.  The values of Community Builders and the values of CTA are shared and we both look to promote equality and opportunities for marginalized people. 

The project site is located in one of the most vibrant areas of Downtown Vancouver at the corner of Granville St and Nelson St, in a building owned and operated by BC Housing.   The transition housing tenant Improvement project occupied the main floor of a 5-storey residential building.

As a transitional housing solution for homeless and transient people, the project aims to offer a warm, modern and safe environment for individuals in need of support as they move from a crisis situation to one of stability and security.

Within approximately 350 sm, a variety of functional areas and facilities have been accommodated, including but not limited to: accessible WR and shower facilities, sleeping pods for 12 guests, a lounge area, leisure and dining areas, a registration desk, and staff offices.

The design concept focused on maintaining the historic character of the site (previously hosting a club) by blending it with contemporary features. This design decision helped to convey a sense of balance and contrast and to give the temporary occupants a redefined view towards their journey of personal growth.

BC Housing is a meaningful project which has enabled CTA to express its commitment in offering professional support to the community and finding an answer to social challenges such as providing housing and a sense of security for those in need.

DateJun 27, 2023