2023 Cascadia Hub

The genesis of the ‘Cascadia Hub’ is rooted in the quest for an engaging user experience that underscores the growing importance of timber. At the heart of this timber skyscraper lie three interconnected elements: the relevance of the site’s context, the concept of a hub that unifies the tower’s internal and external environments socially, culturally, and economically, and the intricate structural lattice that showcases the natural aesthetic of timber. The open framework of the towers is purposefully designed to foster the transformation of the space into a transportation node.

The tower’s structural latticework is constituted of cross-laminated timber (CLT) netting of trusses sourced locally by selective logging, which wraps the rotating tower to follow the curvature of the surrounding infrastructure. A secondary set of internal trusses encapsulates the office spaces that revolve around an offset atrium; offering additional natural light and ventilation to shared areas.

The verdant amenity spaces situated between the external and internal truss volumes collectively constitute an intermediate winter garden designed to function as an additional layer of insulation and shading, enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the tower. Concerning the sustainability objectives of the project, the Douglas-fir trees that were cut down for the site will be replanted in the tower’s plaza, contributing to the broader regional reforestation initiative.

DateNov 24, 2023