Beedie Gloucester

This Industrial tilt-up project is located in the Township of Langley, and consists of office and warehouse occupancies. The overall building area is approx. 86,000sqm. Work scope included both shell building and interior design of the office and warehouse for TI phase. The office is located at the south side of the building with intermittent vertical glazing. The main entrance to the office is distinguished with a curtain wall system. The curtain wall is projected outward at the 2nd floor to provide floor area at the office and provide a canopy for the entrance at ground level.

The principal entrance opens to a small outdoor plaza providing a medium between public space and the office serving as an amenity area.

The south wall is extending beyond the building perpendicular face to provide some screening to grade loading spaces. The loading docks are stepped back in order to have less visibility from the south urban elevation.

For the colour palette of the façade is a combination of neutral gray colors and a red accent colour has been chosen. The accent colour resembles the owner’s business brand.

This building is currently under construction.

sizeSite Area: 1.32 hectare (3.27 acres) Building Area: 86,000 sqm
Location5838 274 Street, Township of Langley, BC

As Director of Development with Larco Investments Ltd. we have worked extensively with CTA on numerous industrial projects over the years and we have found the company to be very responsive to our requirements.