Byrne Road Self Storage Facility

The proposed development is a self-storage facility on a 1.7-acre vacant industrial-zoned site in Burnaby. This facility is designed as a four-storey structure with a total gross area of 178,000 sq. ft.

The primary façade facing east along Byrne Rd showcases a modern design and functionality. Projected glazed panels encompassing storage areas and exit stairs, complemented by horizontal aluminum cladding in between. The remaining façades predominantly feature insulated metal panels in white and various shades of gray. These elevations, interspersed with curtainwall glazing, not only enhance the facility’s aesthetic appeal but also allow natural light to permeate the storage corridors on the second to fourth floors. This integration of design elements ensures a harmonious balance of form and function.

Due to its location, the development prioritizes accessibility for both vehicles and pedestrians. An accessible ramp and exterior stairs guide individuals to the entrance of the office building at the northeast corner of the facility. A distinctive glazed triangular shape with a V column underneath serves as a defining feature at the vehicular access point on the north side, adding an architectural flair to the overall design.

size178,000 sq.ft
Location5323 Byrne Rd, Burnaby, BC

As Director of Development with Larco Investments Ltd. we have worked extensively with CTA on numerous industrial projects over the years and we have found the company to be very responsive to our requirements.