No. 4 Road

On West and South side, this building faces Residential zones. More elaborated facades, 4th level deeper setbacks and deep landscape buffers on West and South Side are design consideration to contribute to the adjacent neighborhood. This building will replace the highly industrial sense the exiting storage facilities with a commercial outlook in order to blend in with the residential neighborhood.

The North East of the building faces the highway. Considering the speed of passing traffic a simple design is considered for this Elevation to avoid too much distraction by highroad. The massive elevation is broken into repetitive segments by intermittent stair towers and glazing at the end of corridors. However, the placement of Glazing on North East side in response to passing traffic is designed more dynamic rather than in a static sense, imitating the movement of the cars with horizontal shifts of the glazing at each floor.

size45,000 sqm

As Director of Development with Larco Investments Ltd. we have worked extensively with CTA on numerous industrial projects over the years and we have found the company to be very responsive to our requirements.