Revolution Motors

The primary focus of this project was to craft an appealing industrial aesthetic for a building expansion, tailored to meet the future needs of a small car repair shop. The existing structure underwent a transformation with the application of modern, horizontally applied corrugated metal panels in a charcoal gray colour, complemented by wood-look accent cladding at the mezzanine level. The new, pre-engineered addition stands in stark contrast to the original building, featuring a budget-friendly, vertically applied, bright gray cladding. Our design emphatically demonstrates that a cost-effective construction approach need not compromise visual appeal.

The floor plan was meticulously crafted to harmonize with the flow of vehicular traffic. Upon arrival at the primary access point within the existing building, client vehicles await assessment. Subsequently, they transition to the new pre-engineered structure, designated for all repair work. Upon completion, the vehicles exit the facility through expansive, fully glazed overhead doors positioned centrally in the new addition.

Beyond the structural enhancements, our team envisioned a more cohesive solution for the site. This includes the addition of a landscaped boulevard along 82nd Street, and a pedestrian access point to the main building entrance. These considerations not only contribute to a more sustainable and pedestrian-friendly cityscape but also underscore our commitment to holistic design solutions.

size9,500 sq.ft
Location 7210 82 Avenue NW, Edmonton AB

As Director of Development with Larco Investments Ltd. we have worked extensively with CTA on numerous industrial projects over the years and we have found the company to be very responsive to our requirements.