The Team

CTA architecture + design ltd.’s team of highly skilled, motivated, technically minded and creative people. They share their backgrounds and passions!

CTA architecture + design ltd.’s Vancouver Team

Operating from 327 Keary Street, New Westminster, BC V3L 3L2

Craig Mitchell


Craig Mitchell has been working in the field of Architecture since 1997 and worked for a number of different Architectural practices in British Columbia and Ontario prior to opening his own firm in British Columbia in October 2017. Craig has worked on a variety of different building typologies that range from public buildings that include for Schools, Libraries, Health facilities and Churches. He has also been involved in Industrial, Office, Commercial and Residential buildings. The range of projects Craig has participated in places him in the unique position of being able to problem solve Architectural and Spatial issues in multiple ways. Experience working in different climatic regions has also provided Craig with the expertise to provide building envelope solutions suitable for a variety of different climates. Client and construction experiences have ranged from Design/Build opportunities, First Nation clients, local and Federal Governments, as well as single client relationships. Each of these relationships has contributed to Craig’s ability to approach projects from a different vantage point and delivery style. As a member of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, Craig actively participates in the Intern Architecture program where he assists by providing mentorship, reviewing work experience submissions and by participating on oral review panels.


Serena Wang

Senior Administrator + Executive Assistant

With a degree in International Business from Langara college, Serena joined our team in August 2021 as executive assistant and office administrator. Serena has a varied background in customer service, retail and corporate environment, with a little marketing along the way.  She provides support to the team in preparing permit applications and ensuring schedules and documents are certified. She also assures the smooth operation of the company with her knowledge of office management and efficient handling of client inquiries, consultations and timely access to the principal. A proven talent for aligning business objective administrative knowledge to achieve maximum operational impactfulness, conserve time and boost efficiency.

Scott Delgatty

Senior Project Manager, Architectural Technologist AIBC
Following an Arts Degree from Simon Fraser University, Scott completed an Architectural-Civil-Structural Drafting Certificate at Vancouver Community College in 1999. His career commenced from a position of junior drafting technician and his current position is Senior Building Design Technologist and Project Manager. Throughout his career, he has gained valuable experience on a wide variety of Commercial / Industrial projects, with an emphasis in Tilt-Up construction. His attention to detail and extensive Building Code knowledge led him to his current position as a valued senior staff member. Since then, he has personally completed a number of challenging projects that include Mid-Rise Office buildings, Pre-Engineered Steel and Cast-In-Place Concrete Structures, Process Facilities, Freezer Buildings, and Tilt-Up Concrete Warehouse and Office Buildings in both BC and Alberta. He is valued as much for his technical excellence as he is for his sense of humour!


  • The Mill Office Tower,
  • Rivers Edge Complex,
  • Amix – Schnitzer Recycling Facility Including 4160 Volt Car-Shredder
  • Mortar and Concrete Admixtures Plant for Sika Canada
  • Bomar Campbell Hts. Multi-Tenant Office Warehouse Building

Leila Eslamieh

Architect AIBC, M.Arch
Leila Eslamieh commenced practising Architecture in 1998. During this time in her career she contributed to the architectural design of large Transportation projects including airport and rail stations, industrial buildings, office and commercial facilities. She worked for several consulting firms prior to establishing her own practice in Iran in March 2008.

After immigrating to Canada, Leila enrolled in Architectural Courses at BCIT to further her Canadian architectural career. In Canada, Leila has worked for a number of Architectural practices, and on various building typologies. Currently, she is registered as an Architect with the AIBC and works directly under the supervision of Craig Mitchell. Throughout her architectural career, Leila has had the opportunity to design a variety of different architectural typologies, from single-family residential to high-rise residential, sound stages, and industrial projects. Leila enjoys a collaborative approach to Architecture and working with teams to facilitate architectural solutions including technical drawing and specifications. She is capable of managing and contributing to multiple projects simultaneously. She excels at solving Architectural problems that maintain the integrity of the conceptual design from project commencement through to project completion.


Samira Safa

Architect AIBC, M.Arch
Following her passion, Samira Safa has chosen Architecture as her field of education and professional career since 2001. She holds a master’s degree in Architecture and is a registered Architect with AIBC. Throughout her career, she has worked on a variety of Architectural projects and building typologies ranging from Residential, Hospitality (Hotel), Office, Industrial and Commercial Low to Mid-Rise buildings.

Samira joined our team in 2018. Since then, she has played an integral role in CTA’s success with her experience and dedication. Samira thinks outside the box and enjoys projects with specialized design programs and challenging design problems. Samira is a leader and is capable of managing projects and consultant teams, at any phase; from design to construction.


Mojgan Aminravan

Architectural Technologist AIBC
Mojgan Aminravan has been part of the design team since 2018 and has been working on Processing, Industrial and Office projects. Mojgan has half a decade of experience in the architectural and construction Industry after receiving her Masters of Architecture in Iran. During her career in Iran, she has experienced working on a variety of building typologies including residential, hospitality, commercial projects. She moved to Canada in 2017 and started her career in BC at a Building Envelope Consulting Company, while also pursuing her education at BCIT in the Architectural and Building Technology program as well as the Passive House Program. Particularly passionate about sustainable architecture and urban life quality, she actively continues to further her perspective on urban design subjects and energy saving construction methods to incorporate her related knowledge into architectural projects.


Nima D. Amiri

Architectural Technologist AIBC
Nima Amiri graduated from BCIT in 2014. He began work at CTA architecture + design’s predecessor firm nine years ago. Involved in a variety of building typologies, Nima is enthusiastic about design as well as the processes and systems of architecture. Nima has worked primarily on office, complex industrial/production, aircraft hangar and warehouse building typologies. He has also worked on residential, interior design, and is skilled at producing detailed renderings. Nima has extensive experience with managing projects from concept stage through to occupancy. Nima continues to gain high level experience with Building Information Modeling software (BIM) for the production of architectural drawings while coordinating structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing consultant modelling efforts. Nima has been registered with AIBC as an Architectural Technologist since 2018 and is currently working towards registration for the Broadly Experienced Applicant Program towards registration with AIBC as an architect.


  • Subzero freezer Warehouse and Office
  • Dunn-Rite Airchill
  • Pacific Blends Warehouse and Office
  • Bridgeman Barge motel Rooms and Amenities
  • Westland Professional Medical Center

Claudia Bianchi


Claudia Bianchi joined CTA architecture + design in 2022 and is a Revit Technician. She is a registered Architect in Italy, and during her career she has worked on a wide variety of projects. She gained the majority of her expertise from architectural and structural renovations of historic buildings. Driven by a spirit of adventure, she moved to Canada five years ago and she decided to expand her knowledge by enrolling at a Canadian university. Since then, Claudia not only gained a Certificate in Arts at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, but she also updated her technical skills by taking Revit courses at BCIT. After working as a CAD Technician in a local precast company, she joined our Architectural Department where she is responsible for the preparation of drawings of warehouses and stage studios buildings.


  • Proposal for the Refurbishment of Palazzo Camponeschi, L’Aquila, Italy
  • Santa Barbara School, Lazio, Italy
  • Renovation of Father Bernardo Silvestrelli’s Sanctuary, Lazio, Italy
  • Interior renovations of apartments for several Private Clients

Noushin Motaharinia

Intern Architect AIBC

Noushin holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from Art University in Iran and joined CTA architecture + design in December 2022 as an AIBC Intern Architect. During her career, Noushin has worked on a variety of projects, including design of Mid-Rise Residential and Low-Rise Commercial Buildings, majority of which are now constructed. She is passionate about teaching and worked as a University Lecturer for two years in Iran, where she taught different architectural courses. Before joining the team, she gained hands-on experience on local construction codes and practices through taking some courses at BCIT and working in a residential design firm in the Lower mainland. “As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” – Norman Foster


  • No.4 Road Self Storage
  • 192 ST Surrey Warehouse
  • Delta Residential Complex
  • Maple Ridge Industrial Development

Tina Tohidi

Intern Architect

Tina commenced her undergraduate studies in Architecture in 2006. She began her career working on a number of small and medium-sized residential building projects. She then decided to continue her Architectural studies at a postgraduate level focusing on children’s growth psychology. A case study from her two-year Master’s degree was submitted to the city to repurpose an existing park and redesign it as a children’s educational park. With her desire to learn, Tina developed her knowledge and experiences in the field of architectural lighting design. Furthering her passion for learning she expanded her skills to interior design and is currently pursuing a MBA to improve her managerial and marketing skills. Tina is an important member of the drafting team at CTA  and is in the process of registering as an Intern Architect with AIBC. Tina’s past project experience includes multi-level residential buildings, landscape projects, and interior designs.



Peter Peng

Intern Architect AIBC
Peter graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture from Pratt Institute in New York and Masters of Engineering from Tsinghua University in Beijing. After his studies, Peter returned to Canada and worked on multiple Residential and Warehouse projects in British Columbia and is continuously expanding his expertise in various typologies. He can generate architectural drawings throughout phases of production. Peter enjoys tackling difficult situations and manifesting architecture with creativity. He views architecture as a great remembrance of our vibrant culture, takes great pride in shaping our surroundings.


  • North America Commerce Valley
  • 24 Ave Industrial Bldg.
  • 10663 Scott Road

Karen Behanan

Having worked with a multi-national construction conglomerate, developers, boutique design firms, and international design consultants, Karen has learned that two critical attributes create beautiful and meaningful Architecture – Empathy + Collaboration. Karen’s extensive experience has come from complex projects such as hospitals, high-rise towers, single family homes, mixed-use buildings, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, and urban design. At CTA, she continues to follow her passion and endeavors to become a fully registered Architect. Currently, she is working on industrial and film studio projects.

Vladimir Lee

Intern Architect AIBC
Vladimir is an Intern Architect with over 10 years of experience. After graduation from The Kazakh State Academy of Architecture he continued his studies under the program Architectural and Building Engineering Technology at BCIT. During his career, he has worked on a variety of building typologies including Mid-Rise, High-Rise Residential and Mixed-Use developments. Vladimir had the opportunity to gain professional experience throughout all phases of Architectural production from Design Concept, through to Construction Administration. His design approach is to create the right balance between functionality and aesthetics.


  • 3990 Marine Way Bridge Studios
  • Industrial Development Maple Ridge

Richard Casson

Senior Architectural Technologist AIBC, CTECH + PM

Richard Casson began his architectural career as a Technologist in 2006 and has advanced into the role of Senior Architectural Technologist and Project Manager. His experience includes a wide range of Industrial projects including, Tilt-Up concrete construction, Insulated Metal Panel Construction, Multi-Level Self Storage, Food Processing Facilities, and Sound Stages. Richard has been registered as a Certified Technician (CTECH) with ASTTBC since 2013 and an AIBC Architectural Technologist since 2017. He also has received a Certificate in Architectural / Structural Drafting with CAD through Kwantlen Polytechnic University and an Associate Certificate in Building Construction Technology through BCIT.


  • Maple Leaf Self-Storage Facilities
  • Bridge Studios
  • Daiya Foods Corporate Headquarters and Production Facilities
  • Amazon Fulfillment and Delivery Stations
  • Choice Properties REIT Industrial Building

Andrei Filip

Associate, Project Architect, Architect AIBC, CP

Andrei is a highly accomplished and respected architect, registered with the AIBC (Architectural Institute of British Columbia), bringing a wealth of expertise and experience spanning over two decades.  This valuable experience allowed him to develop a solid foundation in architectural principles and practices.

In 2010, Andrei made a significant move to Canada, where he further expanded his skill set by delving into the design intricacies of industrial, institutional, and healthcare projects. This transition broadened his horizons and provided him with invaluable insights into different architectural domains, enabling him to approach each project with versatility and adaptability.

At CTA, Andrei holds the esteemed position of Senior Architect and Project Manager, where he is an integral part of the team. He shares his extensive knowledge and experience with his colleagues and clients, fostering an environment of growth and innovation. Andrei’s guidance and mentorship contribute to the collective expertise of the firm, enhancing the quality and efficiency of projects undertaken.


  • Park Royal MLSS
  • Byrne Road MLSS
  • Eagle Meadows Industrial
  • Peace Portal & White Rock Senior Villages renovations

Jubril Idowu

Architect AIBC

Jubril has over five years of practical experience in architecture in British Columbia. Recently, he obtained professional licensure as a Registered Architect, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to upholding the highest industry standards. His skill set includes architectural design, project management, and coordinating the efforts of various professionals involved in the construction process. Proficient in advanced design software and possessing a keen attention to detail, he can translate innovative concepts into reality.

Jubril’s project portfolio encompasses a diverse range of buildings such as schools, residential structures, public safety facilities, commercial tenant improvements, and a dental office. In addition to his technical abilities, Jubril’s enthusiasm for continuous learning and applying his knowledge is evident. He is driven by a passion for sustainable, user-centric design, aiming to create impactful architectural solutions.

Holly Geyer

Revit Technician

Holly joined CTA architecture + design in 2023. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Architectural Science from BCIT, she has worked on various industrial, commercial and institutional projects, mainly located in British Columbia. Growing up and living in the Lower Mainland, Holly enjoys contributing to the growth and improvement of her surrounding communities. As a Revit technician, she is involved in the preparation of drawings and other documents and is continuously expanding her skills and knowledge of various building typologies.


  • Teck New Research Facility Renovation
  • Park Royal MLSS

CTA architecture + design ltd.’s Edmonton Team

Operating from 1020 Parsons Road SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0J4

Yvonne De La Fuente

Associate, Senior Architect, AAA, M. Arch B. GS
Yvonne De La Fuente is a Registered Architect with over 15 years of professional experience. She has successfully worked on a variety of project types and scales, including, residential, commercial, and institutional. Yvonne is an excellent facilitator and thrives in fostering strong client relationships. She is interested in creating exceptional and relevant designs that are conscious of their impact on the end user, the community, and the environment.

Joanna Opara

Intern Architect, AAA
As a 2010 Master of Architecture graduate, and registered Intern Architect with the Alberta Association of Architects, Joanna brings a unique combination of talent and attention to detail in her design work. Joanna’s creative thinking and cost conscience approach has contributed to numerous successful industrial and commercial projects in Edmonton and Alberta, including the 91 South Professional Centre and Aspen 101 Street Tower Facade Improvement. Joanna’s proven record of projects is backed by her dedicated work ethic and a personalized approach to every design.

Cliff Salanguit

Project Architect AAA

Cliff Salanguit has over 20 years of industry experience and completed projects that include multi-family residential housing, schools, churches, and fire stations. Cliff’s work experience also includes project manages of capital maintenance and capital developments at one of Alberta’s largest affordable housing management bodies. 


Raul Dasmarinas

Design Technologist

Raul Dasmarinas is a Design Technologist with a passion for design; He deliver a unique combination of artistic talent and technical expertise. He bring more than 12 years of experience working in Canada. Raul has a proven track record of working collaboratively with team members to achieve the goal of the project. Raul is responsible for preparing a full complement of design documents for mid-rise commercial, residential, school buildings, hospitals, police stations and mixed-use properties and have training in architectural design, planning and architectural 3D visualization.


  • Broadmoor Golf Club and Arena, Sherwood Park, AB. – 3,800 m 2 Building renovation – Completed
  • CASA Centre – Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health, Edmonton, AB – 6,000 m 2 – Completed
  • RCMP Detachment, Inuvik, NWT – 1,400 m 2 – Completed
  • RCMP Municipal Facility, Prince George, BC – Completed
  • Altalink – Acheson Yard and Building Upgrade, Parkland County, AB – 1,087 m 2 – Completed