Thank You to CTA architecture + design!

CTA architecture + design has been at it again! We are out in the community and giving back where we can. We appreciate these thank you letters from our donors, The Greater Vancouver Food Bank and Neighbourhood Cleanup Party.

Giving back is important and if one has the time and resources to do so, then one should. Our motto to serve the community does not go unnoticed. Through these initiatives we are able to support seniors that are in need for food and ensure that our local area is not polluted. Seniors who do not have access to enough food rely on the food bank and its resources to make it through their daily lives. With the rising costs of inflation and other economic uncertainties, it is important to support our seniors as they are the backbone of our society today. Keeping our community clean and improving our public space is a great way to give back to everyone and maintain a healthy environment.

CTA architecture + design is proud to collaborate with such organizations and will continue to do so in the future.


DateFeb 14, 2023