Under the Sun Stained Glass & Glass Art Studio – Edmonton Team Builder

CTA Edmonton Office had the pleasure of creating glass plates from an old shower glass door. There were shards of glass piled in the center of the table and staff had to sift through the pile to find the best pieces that would make the most sense in putting their plates together. Staff had to work as a team to find the pieces, but work individually to construct their plates. This was a great example of a simulation of the office environment. One must be dynamic and be able to work in team as well as individually.

Another great aspect of this glass plate exercise was that, much like architectural design, staff got to flex their creative muscles and design their individual plates based on the parameters that were given by the instructor at Under the Sun Stained Glass & Glass Art Studio.

This was a great event and a true reflection of what it means to work at CTA architecture + design. CTA architecture + design encourages growth in several aspects of the being in the workforce and continues to prove to be a great place to work.

DateFeb 15, 2023